First SCUBA Dive Expectations

What to Expect During Your First Scuba Class

Congratulations! You’ve signed up for your first scuba diving class. You’re probably excited by the prospect of the crystal-blue water, the possibility of seeing stunning tropical fish and coral and the thrill of trying something new. But likely, you’re also a little bit nervous about the idea of going so far underwater for the first time.

Read on for a few tips that will give you an idea of what to expect during your first scuba class:

You’ll learn to communicate like a pro

During your scuba diving class, you’ll need to learn to constantly communicate with your diving buddy, checking on his or her safety and pointing out cool things you see. Your buddy will do the same for you – it’s a team effort! You’ll also learn to communicate with your scuba instructors, letting them know if your oxygen’s low or something’s wrong.

You’ll feel weightless

Once you get in the water, you can fly up, down, left and right. You’ll easily be able to move in three dimensions. After you overcome the first initial shock of being underwater with a lot of gear, try to relax into the weightless feeling of the water, just remember not to fight the water, and instead let the water support you. Remember to be as still as possible and embrace the freedom from gravity!

You’ll have lots of fun!

It might take a little while to get the hang of diving, but once you do, you’ll have a great time getting to know the ocean and making new friends. Although scuba diving takes a little getting used to, it’s definitely worth the effort!

If you’re thinking of trying diving for the first time, check out a beginner scuba diving class from SPE Dive School. We’ve been educating safe divers in the DC metro area since 1972. The adventure begins here!