A Few Words from SPE Students & Divers

Recently on Yelp:

“I could not be happier with my experiences with SPE Dive School. From start to finish, Mike Parker and his team are professionals, and they will work to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.”

“Simply the best dive school in the area! If you are into scuba diving, you can’t find better professionals than Mike Parker and his team. I took a long weekend course (Saturday-Monday) and learned a lot in the class and the pool.”

Recent Letters from Students:


“I was too busy to actively dive until recently when I considered taking an entry level SCUBA course to become recertified. I didn’t want to enroll in a video course. The SPE Dive School, LLC entry level course (open water) provided me with by far more detailed information (above and beyond my college SCUBA course) that I could have imagined.”

Steffanie Frank-Computer Specialist, McLean, VA



“Thanks to my instructor for his patience and having one of his staff members personally spend a lot of extra time with me, I am a certified advanced diver now, and have no fear of deep water anymore.”

Gina Stone-Marketing Executive, Washington, DC.



“My wife, Anthea, and I just completed your course this past MLK Weekend. What a great experience it was for the both of us. That being said, we both just signed up for the Cayman Islands trip in June, so that each of us can do the advanced and open water certifications while we are at Cayman. I can’t tell you how excited we are for this trip and for the many scuba trips to follow.”

Ryan Chlebek-Consultant, Arlington, VA



“My husband and I met while taking an entry level SCUBA course at SPE Dive School, LLC just 8 months ago. We just got married recently but when our children are old enough to dive, we’ll enroll them in a course with SPE Dive School, LLC.”

Joan Rosenberg-Journalist/producer, Bethesda, MD



“I was fairly new to the Washington area when I signed up with SPE Dive School. During the course and later, while on the Cayman dive trip, I met several young professional people whom I ended up becoming very close friends with. I’m glad that SPE Dive School, LLC caters to educated, well traveled, professional people.”

Tom Stewart-Consultant, Arlington, VA



“Mike Parker’s emphasis on safety and skill proficiency easily allayed all the fear I had about learning to SCUBA dive. By the time of my first open water certification dive in the ocean, I was well prepared to take the plunge. I was over my fear of claustrophobia, and I had no trouble with my ears or clearing my mask. The proper training I received from SPE Dive School, LLC made all the difference in the world between success and failure.”

David Hoyt-Computer Specialist, Washington, DC



“Before learning to SCUBA dive, I had no idea how beautiful, quiet, peaceful, and serene the great coral reefs or the deep walls of Grand Cayman Island were. The harmony of so many colorful ocean fish with their environment had to be experienced first hand to be believed. Being weightless, just like an astronaut, simply added to the enjoyment.”

Sergio Gomez-Translator, Washington, DC



“Mike and his staff took extra time with me and even gave me extra training after class was over, to make me feel more comfortable and confident underwater. Today, 2 years later, I am working on my dive master certification and plan to be an instructor for the physically handicapped. Thank you for your help, Mike!”

Debra Long-Visual Artist, College Park, MD



“I have nothing but the highest praise for Mr. Parker and his diving staff. We were thoroughly prepared on all aspects of safe diving techniques. It was a pleasure to have an instructor of his ability and I would enthusiastically recommend SPE Dive School, LLC to anyone with an interest in this sport.”

Wanda Keller-Investment Banker, Miami, FL