Rescue Course


Why get Rescue Certified?
In a diving emergency, a quick, cool and effective response is often the difference between a close call and serious injury. That’s why we recommend rescue certification as an essential course for every serious diver. Only by mastering a rescue course can divers be fully equipped to recognize, prevent and deal with accidents.

The course also covers out of water rescue techniques, including giving oxygen and managing an accident scene. More important, it provides in water practice of rescue simulated “victims,” so you’ll have a chance to internalize your lessons. In a real emergency, you’re more likely to remember what you’ve done than what you’ve read.

Beyond learning specific rescue techniques, you’ll become more attuned to the signs of stress in other divers and gain confidence in your ability not only to rescue others but also to rescue yourself. This 2-day course will complete the academics of the PADI Rescue course. The open water (3rd day) of the course may be completed on your next dive trip.

The $150 price of the course excludes required PADI course materials/Crew
Pack and PADI training/processing fee!