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(Q.) Can I go on future SCUBA dive trips without a dive partner?

(Q.) Can you help me get my SCUBA diving certification quickly?

(Q.) Do I have to carry any heavy diving equipment to dive training?

(Q.) Do you charge extra for the PADI open water referral document?

(Q.) Do you charge me for open dives with my required class training?

(Q.) Do you have a free SCUBA diving orientation class?

(Q.) Does your school help with completing dive requirements for PADI certification?

(Q.) How far away are the dive training pools from your scuba diving school?

(Q.) How long has SPE Dive School been in business?

(Q.) If I’ve already paid my tuition, can I delay my SCUBA training if needed?

(Q.) Can you tell me about SCUBA diving training?

(Q.) Is it better to complete SCUBA diving open water dive in places like Grand Cayman?

(Q.) Is SPE Dive School METRO accessible?

(Q.) Is your dive training conducted in a heated pool?

(Q.) What do you love most about SCUBA diving?

(Q.) When finished your course, will I receive a PADI certification?

(Q.) Who are my dive school instructors?

(Q.) Why do you provide SCUBA diving students more instructional hours than others?

(Q.) Who shouldn’t SCUBA dive?