Things You Should Never Do Immediately After Diving

scuba diving certification

Here at SPE Dive School, we have been teaching safe diving practices for over 50 years. This experience allows us to delve into the essential precautions every diver should take after their underwater adventure. From seasoned enthusiasts to novices, discover the key steps to safeguard your health and enjoyment. In this post, we uncover 5… Read More »

Why you need to go diving in Grand Cayman

Carrie and I had the mid-winter blues and, not having been diving since completing our Open Water Certification in August, were itching for some great dives.  Anyone who’s done a Google search for scuba diving in the Caribbean knows that there are several destinations all claiming or reported to have the best diving for one… Read More »

How to be an Eco-Friendly Scuba Diver This Earth Day

Eco-Friendly Scuba Diver

On Sunday, April 22nd, the world will join together to celebrate the beloved holiday known as Earth Day. It is a time where we can reflect on how our actions affect Mother Earth. Just about every activity we engage in can be improved in some way, and those improvements can keep this big blue ball… Read More »

Safety Gear for Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving Safety

Before you look to take your scuba diving to the next level, the first step is knowing how to enjoy your new adventure as safely as possible. You can start by checking out these five helpful safety devices. GPS The last thing you would want to imagine is getting lost while scuba diving, but if… Read More »

Tips to Keep in Mind When Diving in Strong Currents

Scuba Diving Tips

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran diver, chances are you have been caught in a strong current at some point in time. There are two schools of thought when it comes to strong currents: some people are terrified at the idea of being stuck in a current they can’t control and others enjoy… Read More »

Old Diving Tanks? Here’s How to Reuse Them

Reusing old scuba divng tanks

Oh no! Your trusty diving tank has failed hydrostatic or visual testing. What do you do now? Do you toss it? Why not think creatively and reuse your old diving tank to make something new and unique, or earn some extra money? Read on for a few ideas. Turn old diving tanks into cash Even… Read More »

Tips for Buying Your First Scuba Wetsuit

If you’ve taken a few classes at SPE Dive School, chances are you’ve learned to love scuba diving. Perhaps you love it so much you’re thinking of purchasing your own wetsuit! Your wetsuit is your first line of defense against the elements, so it pays to know a few facts before purchasing your first wetsuit.… Read More »

The Importance of Maintaining Your Scuba Diving Gear

Why you need to maintain your scuba gear

If you love scuba diving, or are interested in trying it for the first time, you might think that your dive location and the sights you see are the most important parts of the experience. Not so! Far more important than either of these elements is the condition of your scuba diving gear. Poorly maintained… Read More »

Why Your Kids Should Take Scuba Lessons

Benefits of Kids Taking Scuba Diving Lessons

Here at SPE Dive School, we think scuba is everything—not only is it a fun and exciting activity to do together with friends and family, but it’s also a great exercise for your mind, and body. That’s why PADI constantly tells people that scuba lessons are perfect for kids as young as 10. And now,… Read More »

Tips for Easy Equalizing

Tips for Easy Equalizing

If you’re experiencing ear pain on your dives, you need to improve your equalizing technique. This important skill prevents ear pain by (you guessed it) equalizing the pressure in your middle ears with the pressure around you. Your middle ears are connected to your throat by means of your Eustachian tubes, which are normally closed.… Read More »