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A Few of the Best Dive Sites From Around the World

Whether you’re preparing to get your scuba diving certification or you already have it, there are some legendary dives around the world you may want to add to your bucket list. Are you looking for shipwrecks? Marine life? Underwater caves? Here are a few dive sites that will offer you a little taste of everything.

Barracuda Point, Malaysia
Barracuda Point is positively teeming with marine life, including the fish of its namesake: the fearsome barracuda. In addition, walls of colorful coral are passed by sharks and all other manner of marine life. If you’re looking for an experience filled with adrenaline and natural, wild beauty, this is a dive you absolutely have to take — if you happen to find yourself in Malaysia.

The Yongala, Australia
For shipwreck enthusiasts, this is a dream come true. The Yongala is a famous shipwreck just off the coast of Queensland, and it’s one positively filled with sea creatures who have made their homes there. From manta rays to octopuses and turtles, this dive offers a little bit of everything. Not to mention the opportunity to get up close and personal with a huge shipwreck, which might just be your inner child’s dream come true. Of course, this definitely isn’t a beginner scuba diving site.

Shark and Yolanda Reef, Egyptian Red Sea
If you’re a diver who wants the true “all in one” experience, this is a scuba diving course you can’t afford to miss. This dive is complete with Anemone City, Shark Reef’s amazing drop off, and a shipwreck to explore. One of the most popular dives involves a trip through Anemone City, down to Shark Reef, and then past the famous Yolanda Reef.

Great Blue Hole, Belize
As of 2013 there were an estimated 6 million scuba divers around the world, and every one of them most likely wants a chance to explore this wonder up close. This unique marvel is one of the most recognizable dive sites in the world. The great blue hole is ringed by a coral reef and inhabited by all manner of sharks. While most people will recognize the circular pit that seems to descend straight down into the earth, this deep dive also houses a series of caverns if you venture far enough. It’s truly one of the scuba diving wonders of the world.

IF you already have your scuba diving certification, what are you waiting for? These scuba destinations are out there waiting to be explored.