Expand Your Horizons with SPE Dive School – A Trusted Source for SCUBA Certification Training!

Established in 1972, SPE Dive School has been at the forefront of educating safe and skilled divers. With over 50 years of expertise, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of PADI international certification training programs.

Why Choose SPE Dive School?

  1. Proven Track Record: Over 25,000+ graduates have entrusted their SCUBA education to SPE Dive School.
  2. Convenient Location: Our classroom facility is conveniently located just steps from the Friendship Heights Metro, providing easy access for residents of DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.
  3. Regional Appeal: Beyond catering to local enthusiasts, we attract students from the entire Mid-Atlantic Region seeking top-notch SCUBA training.
  4. Monthly Orientation Sessions: Take advantage of our FREE SCUBA orientation / information sessions held every month. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore the world of SCUBA and learn more about our courses.
  5. Pool Refresher Sessions: For those looking to refresh their skills, our indoor Pool Refresher SCUBA sessions offer a convenient way to get back into the water.

The SPE Dive School Advantage:

  • Personalized Learning: Our certification process combines personal instruction with online/eLearning study, ensuring a well-rounded and flexible educational experience.
  • Hands-On Pool Training: Dive into the underwater world with 7 hours of intensive training at our indoor pool, honing your skills in a controlled environment.
  • Get Certified on Your Personal Vacation: Elevate your SCUBA journey with the option to complete your Open Water certification in the breathtaking setting of Grand Cayman OR any other destination.

Ready to explore the depths? Join SPE Dive School and unlock a lifetime of underwater exploration and adventure!

We Also Offer Military Discounts!